Delonghi - Air Purifier - AC75

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De’Longhi Air Purifier AC75 incorporates the latest technological features for home air filtration. The filter removes impurities and filters all types of particles, including tobacco smoke, household dust and pollen, leaving the air cleaner.


3 fan speeds: high, medium & low
Timer for automatic switch off after 1 - 3 hours
4 Filtration layers
1. Ionizer
2. Nylon Washable pre-filter:
Large dust particles, human hair and pet hair are trapped here and can either be washed away or vacuum cleaned.
3. Carbon filter(Hepa & Carbon):
Filters micro particles, including tabacco smoke, pollen and household dust, odours and formaldeheyde.
4. EPA filter - E11 type 95%
Efficient particulate air filter


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